Obtaining an Eora license

You can use this storefront to buy or expand your Eora license.

For information about what a license includes, as well as information on some important restrictions on use, please read the Licensing page.

You can register for a Trial account to preview data before you buy. To make a purchase, please log in or buy for other users »

By buying an Eora dataset you agree to the license terms. A countersigned executed version of the license can be provided on request.

To pay online (credit card, PayPal, etc)

You can buy a license either using the online payment system (credit card, PayPal, etc.) using the Buy links below. Your license will be activated immediately.

Requesting an invoice or paying by bank transfer

To request an invoice use the "Buy" links below and when asked about payment method, choose pay by bank transfer. When you complete the sale you will receive an invoice by email together with bank payment instructions. Your license will be activated once payment is received. The pricing listed below applies for orders placed via our online system. For orders which cannot be completed via the online store (e.g. if a procurement system or signed contract is needed) a €1500 surcharge will be applied.

Buying multiple licenses? Our storefront currently does not support buying multiple licenses at once, so please use this storefront once for each license.

Academic user? Data through 2016 is provided in the free academic tier. You can purchase additional years using this storefront, with discounted pricing for academic use (ie. papers, classes; see licensing for details) or normal pricing for other uses.

Unlimited Use

Unlimited Use licenses allow unlimited use by the buyer for any purpose, except bulk re-publishing or reselling of data. This is suitable for those using Eora on a continuing or recurring basis, e.g. for repeated use in projects, as an internal resource, or as input to a tool or software. Licenses with multipliers include the Supply Chain Explorer.

Upgrade your existing license by adding updated data:

Academic users are provided data through data year 2016 for free, and can purchase access to the later data years. These licenses only permit academic use (as defined on the Licensing page). Site license and data with multipliers include GVC results. Academic users who wish to use Eora for other uses (e.g. consulting projects, funded reports) must purchase a commercial license.

Single Project Use

Single-Project Use licenses allow the data to be used for a single project, the scope of which typically represents a single report, consulting project, report, or similar, with a single outcome and time frame less than 1 month. The Single project licenses permit access to the website for one month. Includes the Supply Chain Explorer.

10 Country Pack

The 10 Country Pack provides the national IO tables, with the Multipliers package, for 10 countries of your choice. You will be able to choose the countries at your Account page. For upgrade pricing to bring older-year 10 Country Pack datasets to more recent year coverage, please email us. Note: does not include the Supply Chain Explorer.

Global Value Chain (GVC) sector-level results

Pre-computed sector-level GVC results are available for purchase here. Note that these results can be computed using a normal Eora license; the paid option here is a convenience for those wishing to skip this step.

Single Vendor Certificate

This certifies that KGM & Associates Pty. Ltd. is the sole vendor of the Eora multi-regional inputoutput database.
Single Vendor Certificate (English)
Single Vendor Certificate (Japanese)